Services Provided by AVE

Broadcast and Telecommunication Engineering:

Ave performs the system design, equipment selection, equipment installation for broadcasting and communication network. On the basis of the requirement of customer, Ave provides customize solutions to its customer. Recommendation of suitable equipment , installation of broadcasting equipment, orientation to the customer and regular after sales service are the major services offered by AVE.

Frequency Selection, Assignment and Management for broadcasting and communication networks:

AVE also performs the frequency selection, assignment and management. Engineers of AVE select and assign frequency suitable for the broadcasters. AVE also monitors the frequency deviation of broadcasters. Frequency management among its customers is done so that extra frequency is available for new broadcasters and there is no frequency interference.

Antenna System Design:

Each and every radio station has its own desired coverage area. AVE helps broadcaster to have such coverage area with the proper antenna system design. Geographical structure, broadcasting power and need of the customer are considered during such design.

Propagation Analysis:

Interference of radio signals and unpredictable coverage area my result some time in broadcasting and communication network. In such cases AVE performs the propagation analysis so as to understand the possible causes of such phenomenon.

Feasibility of broadcasting and telecommunication projects:

AVE also performs the feasibility study of broadcasting and telecommunication projects. Such feasibility studies are performed by the engineers in the site itself. Various economical and environmental factors are considered under such study.

Acoustic design and supervision of broadcasting studios:

Studios for broadcasting station and production houses are designed and constructed by AVE. Sound engineers of AVE have been successful to design and construct studio for television and radio broadcasting purposes.

Field Inspection and technical survey for coverage area analysis:

AVE also performs the survey for coverage area analysis. Engineers of AVE with RF field analyzer develop the coverage area map of the radio stations and communication networks.


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