AVE vision is to be a reliable equipment supplier, supplying professional communication and broadcasting equipment so that sharing of information can be done with extreme easiness and effectiveness between concerned people or organizations.


The mission of our company is to provide a reasonable and cost effective solution on the requirement of the broadcaster/communicator.


  • Ave follows engineering norms and practices so that jobs are done with correct practices.
  • Ave is determined to provide reliable product and services.
  • Ave seeks for approaching new technology for problem solving.
  • Ave believes and emphasis on trained and skill manpower.


  • AVE will introduce digital transmission technology by 2020.
  • AVE will occupy the 30% of the market of Walkie talkie equipment by 2018.
  • AVE aims to enter into broadcasting sector with a new broadcasting station in Kathmandu and slowly expanding its network all over Nepal.
  • AVE will sale high power (2KW & 5KW) transmitting equipment by 2020.