• Mr. Balendra Thakuri

    Mr. Balendra Thakuri

    Managing Director

    Mr. Balendra Thakuri is a founder member of this organization. Mr. Balendra Thakuri completed his Bachelors in Electronic Engineering (B.E Electronics) from Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus and Executive in Business Administration (EMBA) from Ace Institute of Management.

    During the early stages of AVE’s establishment, Mr. Balendra Thakuri contributed to implement a good project management system to execute projects when faced with resource constraints. He has taken up the responsibility of managing AVE’s assets, assuring quality management and ensuring job site safety. He was involved in various projects as a project Manager in order to get to know the trade right from its grass roots.

    His continuous effort to apply the best of his abilities in any task he undertakes has made him integral part of AVE.

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  • Ashutosh Singh Thakuri

    Ashutosh Singh Thakuri

    Marketing Executive

    Mr. Thakuri is  marketing executive of this organization. Mr. Thakuri coordinates all marketing activities and is also directly involve in designing and implementing public relation as well as advertisement activities.

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  • Basanta Shrestha

    Basanta Shrestha

    Head Technical Officer

    Mr. Shrestha is a Head Technician of this organisation. His ability to decliner high quality work and motivation to maintain customer satisfaction are also the reason for AVE’s ¬†success.

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  • Vicky Awale

    Vicky Awale

    Financial / Admin Officer

    Mr. Awale is a Financial/ Administration Officer of this organization. With highly organized and detail-oriented hard working nature, Mr. Awale ‘s strong customer service acumen to establish and maintain professional ties with customers and staff.

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